Clear box command-line tool syntax

The clear box command-line tool allows you to call a clear box generator DLL, parameter values and optional ports for the relevant Intel® FPGA IP.

Syntax clearbox <cbc_ipcore.dll> [-h] [-f <param_file>] parameter1=value1 parameter2=value2 ... port1_name port2_name [CBX_FILE=file_name]
Arguments <cbx_ipcore.dll>


The clear box dll for the Intel® FPGA IP

Example: cbx_altmult_add.dll.



Lists valid parameter names and values and port names for the clear box generator DLL.

For example, clearbox cbx_altmult_add.dll -h generates a list of valid ports and parameters for the cbx_altmult_add Intel® FPGA IP.
-f <param_file>


Uses a text file to pass parameter and port names to the clear box command-line tool. This is helpful when you must pass a large number of parameters and ports through the clear box command-line tool. The text file uses one parameter or port name per line and the parameter=value or port_name format. You can add comments or ignore lines in the text file by adding # to the beginning of a line.
parameter1=value1 parameter2=value2 ... List of parameters and values to use with the clear box Intel® FPGA IP DLL. Optional.
port1_name port2_name ...


List of ports to use with the clear box Intel® FPGA IP DLL.


Specifies an output file. Valid extensions are .v, .vhd, or .tdf.