Synopsys® -Provided Logic Libraries

Synopsys® software provides the altera logic library that is used for synthesizing and compiling VHDL and Verilog HDL designs. The altera library includes the following library files:
Library Description
altera.vhd A VHDL logic function library that includes the LCELL, SOFT, GLOBAL, CASCADE, and CARRY primitives for controlling design synthesis and fitting. These primitives can be instantiated directly in your VHDL file. These models allow you to perform functional VHDL simulation while maintaining an architecture-independent VHDL description.
altera.v A Verilog HDL logic function library equivalent to the altera.vhd library file.
Note: You can create your own libraries of custom logic functions for use with Synopsys® software. You can use custom logic functions to incorporate a Text Design File (.tdf) Definition or any other Quartus® Prime-supported design file into a project. The Quartus® Prime software uses the synplcty.lmfLibrary Mapping File (.lmf) Definition to map standard Synopsys® logic functions to equivalent Quartus® Prime logic functions. To use custom logic functions, you can create a custom LMF that maps your custom logic functions to the equivalent EDIF Input File, Text Design File (.tdf) Definition or other design file. For more information, refer to Library Mapping File Format.