Mapper Properties Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by right-clicking a mapper Definition in a Block Design File (.bdf) Definition and then clicking Properties.

Allows you to specify the properties for mappers.

General tab
  • Mapper—Displays the net name and the block instance name, and allows you to select the type of I/O.
    • Block Name—Displays the name of the block associated with the mapper.
    • Block Instance Name—Displays the name of the block instance associated with the mapper.
    • Type—Allows you to select the type of I/O for the selected block, such as input, output, or bidir. Any I/Os in the block that are not the direction that you specify in Type are filtered out of the mapper.
Mappings tab
  • Conduit Mapping or Bus Mapping—Allows you to add I/Os and related signals to the Existing mappings list.
    • I/O on block—Allows you to specify the name of the I/O on the block. Options in the list vary depending on the selection you make for Type on the General tab.
    • Signals in conduit or bus—Allows you to specify the signals for the I/O.
    • Existing Mappings—Displays the current specifications for each I/O. It shows the I/Os on the block and the signals mapped to those I/Os. You can select an I/O from the list and then specify other options under Conduit mapping or Bus mapping.