Groups List Command (View Menu)

You access this command in the Pin Planner by clicking View > Groups List.

Opens the Groups list, which displays the pin assignments to custom node groups you have defined for the project. Subgroups are displayed within the hierarchy of the top-level group. You can turn off Show only top-level groups in Groups list in the Pin Planner page of the Options dialog box to show only top-level groups. You can enter assignments directly for groups in the list, or you can drag and drop groups into the device view.

You can edit the members of the group directly in the Groups list or you can right-click a group and click Add Members to add members to the group. You can create new assignment groups by right-clicking the nodes you want to include in the new assignment group in the Groups list, and then clicking Create Group. You can add individual nodes, buses, or groups to other groups by right-clicking the design element you want to add, and then clicking Add to Group. You can rename groups and buses in the Groups list, but you cannot edit the names of buses that exist in the compilation database. The member nodes of each group or bus also appear in the All Pins list. You can delete a member from a group you created by selecting the node in the Groups list and pressing Delete on the keyboard. You can add Intel® FPGA IP, as groups, to theGroupslist with the Create/Import Intel® FPGA IP dialog box.

You can assign groups to a corresponding bus, I/O bank, edge, VREF group, PCIe hard IP pins, or hard memory interface pins. You can make a location assignment to an assignment group or bus directly in the Groups list and the individual members of the group or bus inherit the assignment.

If a pin belongs to a group or bus that has assignments— such as I/O standard assignments or location assignments— that are inherited by the individual pins, the inherited values appear in both the Groups list and the All Pins list.