Report Minimum Pulse Width Dialog Box

You generate this report with default settings by double-clicking Report Minimum Pulse Width in the Tasks pane in the Timing Analyzer. You generate this report with custom settings by clicking Report Minimum Pulse Width under on the Reports menu of the Timing Analyzer.

Allows you to configure and display a report about the slack times of the high and low minimum pulse width restrictions imposed by limitations of the current target device. Use minimum pulse width analysis for proper operation of sequential circuits, by ensuring that clock transitions are observed at sequential elements.

The Timing Analyzer verifies that your design meets all specified timing constraints and reports the results in the Report pane and the Console. The Fitter uses timing constraint information to optimize placement of the design in the target device.

If you use the Report Minimum Pulse Width command in the Tasks pane, the Timing Analyzer generates a default report labeled Minimum Pulse Width with a default number of pulse width checks of 100. If you use the Report Minimum Pulse Width command on the Reports menu, you can configure the following settings.