Report RSKM Command

You generate this report by double-clicking Report RSKM in the Tasks pane in the Timing Analyzer.

Reports the receiver input skew margin (RSKM) Definition for the data pin, receiver channel, and clock in each LVDS register in the design. The Timing Analyzer calculates RSKM using the following formula:

RSKM = (TUI - SW - RCCS) /2

Note: The Timing Analyzer calculates receiver channel-to-channel skew (RCCS) Definition in this equation by subtracting the minimum input delay from the maximum input delay on the port that fans into the LVDS register.

The time unit interval (TUI) is the LVDS clock period (1/fMAX). The sampling window (SW) is the period of time that the input data must be stable to ensure that the data is successfully sampled by the LVDS receiver Intel® FPGA IP. The sampling window size varies by device speed grade. RCCS is specified by applying minimum and maximum set_input_delay constraints to the receiver inputs, where RCCS is the difference between the maximum and minimum value. If no input delay is set, RCCS defaults to zero.

If you select Slow-corner under Delay Model in the Create Timing Netlist dialog box, the Timing Analyzer generates this report only for the slow corner delay model.

Scripting Information

Keyword: report_rskm

Settings: - panel_name"RSKM"