Report False Path Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by double-clicking Report False Paths in the Tasks pane in the Timing Analyzer.

Allows you to configure and display a customized report that details the results of setup, hold, recovery, and removal checks as defined by timing constraints and exceptions.

Note: You can click the Pushpin button to keep the Report False Path dialog box open after you generate a report. You can use this feature to fine tune your report settings or quickly create additional reports. You can click Close to close the dialog box at any time.

The Command Info tab of the resulting report displays the Tcl commands used to generate the report. The Summary of Paths tab displays the slack, from and to nodes, and the launch and latch clocks for every timing path that you specified in the Report False Path dialog box. For a timing path, you can view the following information in the tabs of separate panes below the Command Info and Summary of Paths tabs:

  • The Path Summary tab displays information on launch and latch clocks, data arrival and required times, and slack.
  • The Statistics tab displays data on the setup relationship, clock skew, data delay, logic level count, and physical delays.
  • The Data Path tab displays information on arrival and required paths.
  • The Waveform tab displays data on clock relationships, arrival and required paths, and slack in a graphical waveform format.
Note: As the timing path information appears in two panes, you can view the information in one tab in the first pane, and that of another tab in the second pane.