Report Pane

The Report pane lists all reports that the Timing Analyzer generates. After you generate a report in the Tasks pane, you can click a report in the Report pane to view it in the View pane.

Note: You can view the Report Net Timing report only in the Console.

If you delete the timing netlist, or change any timing exceptions or constraints, the results of any generated reports are no longer valid and you must regenerate the report to view it. Any report that contains outdated information appears with a question mark (?) icon in the Report pane and the report data highlighted in yellow in the View pane. Once you create a new timing netlist or update the existing timing netlist, you can regenerate the reports.

The Report pane also displays the project Synopsys Design Constraints File (.sdc) Definition.

In the Report pane, you can right-click a report and export it in text or HTML format to your local disk. You can right-click and regenerate a report or regenerate all reports for which information is outdated. This useful if you change a constraint but do not want to recreate your report settings. Finally, you can right-click a report and delete it or delete all reports for which information is outdated.