Report Custom CDC Viewer Command

The Timing Analyzer's Reports > Clock Domain Crossings > Report Custom CDC Viewer command allows you to configure and display a custom clock domain crossing report. This report displays the results of setup, hold, recovery, and removal checks on clock domain crossing transfers. The equivalent scripting command is report_cdc_viewer.

The following options are available for this report:

Table 1. Report Clock Domain Crossing Viewer Settings
Option Description
Clocks From Clock and To Clock filter paths in the report to show only the launching or latching clocks you specify.
Analysis type Options are Setup, Hold, Recovery, or Removal. The Timing Analyzer reports the results for the type of analysis you select.
Transfers Specifies the type of clock transfers to include or exclude from the report, including Timed transfers, Fully cut transfers, Clock groups, Inactive clocks, and Non-crossing transfers. You can specify the Maximum slack limit and Grid options for the report.
Detail level Full shows all details of the report and Summary filters the details and shows summary data.
Report panel name Specifies the name of the report panel. You can optionally enable File name to write the information to a file. If you append .htm or .html as a suffix, the Timing Analyzer produces the report as HTML. If you enable File name, you can Overwrite or Append the file with latest data, and specify Grid or List format.
Note: In grid format reports, clocks with non-crossing transfers always appear if they have transfers between other clocks.
Tcl command Displays the Tcl syntax that corresponds with the GUI options you select. You can copy the command from the Console into a Tcl file.