Raw Programming Data File (.rpd) Definition

A binary file (with the extension .rpd) containing configuration data for use outside the Intel® Quartus® Prime software. A Raw Programming Data File is a subset of the Programmer Object File (.pof) file type, containing only device-specific binary programming data.

You can generate Raw Programming Data Files from previously generated Programmer Object Files (.pof) with the Convert Programming Files dialog box on the File menu or the quartus_cpf utility.

You can use Raw Programming Data Files with the Active Serial configuration scheme for EPCS or EPCQ serial configuration devices.

Data written to a serial configuration device should be shifted so that the least-sgnificant bit is loaded into the device first. For example, if the .rpd contains the byte sequence 02 1B EE 01 FA, the serial data programmed into the configuration device must be 100-0000 1101-10000111-0111 1000-0000 0101-1111.