FineLineBGA, Micro FineLine BGA, and UltraFineLineBGA Definition

FineLineBall-Grid Array (BGA) is a type of BGA device package in which the pins are spaced 1.0 mm apart. FineLine BGA devices support the SameFrame feature, in which the pin-out of the device is a subset or superset of the pin-outs of other FineLine BGA devices. This feature allows you to use device migration to transfer a design from the current FineLine BGA supported device (Arria® series, Cyclone® series, MAX® V, and Stratix® series) family to a larger or smaller FineLine BGA device in the same device family, while maintaining the current board layout and pin assignments.

UltraFineLineBGA packages are similar to FineLineBGA packages, but have a 0.88-mm ball pitch.

Hybrid FineLine BGA packages are similar to FineLine BGA packages, but have a 27-mm body to accommodate the larger cavity requirement of the die.

Micro FineLine BGA (MBGA) packages are available for MAX® II devices. MBGA packages are suitable for any application that has board space or power constraints. MBGA packages have a 0.5-mm ball pitch.