Device's Properties Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by right-clicking on a device in the Device Chain pane of the Progammer Window, and then clicking Show Device's Properties on the shortcut menu.

This dialog box allows you to edit the attributes of the device that you have selected in the Device Chain pane.

  • File— Displays the name of the Programmer file.
  • Device—Displays the name of the Intel device you have targeted for programming.
  • Checksum—Displays the checksum value of the device in hexadecimal format.
  • Usercode—Displays the user code value of the device in hexadecimal format.
  • File Pane—Lists the programming files you are using to program the device and provides options boxes to turn on and off programming functions, including:
    • Program/Configuration
    • Verify
    • Blank-Check
    • Examine
    • Security Bit
    • Erase
    • ISP Clamp