To synthesize the design in the Precision RTL Synthesis software and run the Intel® Quartus® Prime software manually to set up a project and compile a design:

  1. If you have not already done so, assign design constraints with the Precision RTL Synthesis software.
  2. In the Design window, click Synthesize. The Precision RTL Synthesis software synthesizes the design and places the synthesized and optimized design in the <project name>_impl_1 directory in the current project directory.
  3. Start the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
  4. On the View menu, click Tcl Console.
  5. Type the following command at the Intel® Quartus® Prime Tcl Console command prompt:
    source<path to project>/<project name>.tcl

    The Tcl Script File creates a new Intel® Quartus® Prime project in the current directory.

  6. Compile the design.

    The Tcl Script File generated by the Precision RTL Synthesis uses the mentor.lmfLibrary Mapping File (.lmf) Definition located in the Intel® Quartus® Prime\< installation directory>\lmf directory.