Maximum DSP Block Usage logic option

A logic option that allows you to specify the maximum number of DSP blocks that Analysis & Synthesis assumes exist in the current device for the current partition. This option overrides the usual method of using the maximum number of DSP blocks the current device supports.

This option must be assigned on the partition root. When set to -1, Analysis & Synthesis can use all the DSP blocks supported by the selected device.

Note: A partition-specific assignment overrides any global assignments. However, each partition that does not have a partition-specific Maximum DSP Block Usage assignment limits the number of DSP blocks to the global assignment value. If no global assignment is specified, each partition independently assumes that all of the DSP blocks in the device are available for use. This can lead to over allocation of DSP blocks, eventually resulting in a no fit error from the Fitter. To avoid this error, Intel recommends that you always set this assignment on partitions.

This option is available for supported device (Arria® series, Cyclone® III, Cyclone® IV, and Stratix® series) families.

Scripting Information

Keyword: max_balancing_dsp_blocks

Settings: <integer>

default= "-1"