GXB TX PLL Reconfiguration Group Setting logic option

A logic option that specifies whether gigabit transceiver block (GXB) transceiver channels with dynamic TX phase-locked loop reconfiguration can be placed in the same physical GXB quad. If the GXB transceivers have two dynamically reconfigured TX PLLs, the GXB transceivers are not placed into the same physical quad when the dynamic TX PLL reconfiguration setting is turned on unless they are in the same TX PLL reconfiguration group. If the GXB transceivers have one dynamically reconfigured TX PLL, GXB transceivers from two TX PLL reconfiguration groups can be placed into the same physical quad if the logical number on the TX PLLs are different. GXB transceivers can be assigned to the same group if the following conditions are met:

  1. GXB transmitters in the same group can only listen to 2 TX PLLs at one time.
  2. Proper data rates are maintained on TX PLLs according to Intel user guidelines.
  3. The pll_locked signal is asserted for dynamic PLL reconfiguration completion, and the GXB receiver and transmitter are kept in reset until the dynamic reconfiguration of both is complete.

This option is available for supported device (Arria® II, and Stratix® IV) families.

Scripting Information

Keyword: gxb_tx_pll_reconfig_group