TMC-10115: High Fan-out Signal


High fan-out nets limit the performance of designs using the Intel Hyperflex architecture. High fan-out may contain long or short path imbalances that limit retiming in critical chains.


Name Description Type Default Value Min Value Max Value
fanout Reports a violation for drivers that have at least the number of fan-outs specified in this parameter integer 50000   0
driver_name_filter Reports a violation for high fan-out drivers that do not match any of the name patterns specified in this parameter. The list of patterns is space-separated. Patterns can contain wildcard characters '*' and '?', and hierarchy separator '|'. Wildcards do not match any hierarchy separator in a hierarchical name. To support natural specification of bus bit indices, square brackets '[', ']' in a pattern are treated as plain characters (they do not denote a set of characters). string_list      


Duplicate high fan-out driver registers. Refer to DUPLICATE_REGISTER and DUPLICATE_HIERARCHY_DEPTH assignments for automated solutions. Alternatively, you can edit the RTL to create duplicate copies.

If you edit the RTL, apply the preserve_syn_only attribute to duplicate registers and assign the duplicates to individual instances in the fan-out hierarchy.




Tag Description
register-duplication Design rule checks related to duplication of registers in the design, either manually or automatically.

Device Family

  • Intel®Agilex™
  • Intel®Stratix® 10