Interface Requirements Tab

Allows you to specify the expected signal and interface boundaries your Platform Designer Pro system must satisfy. To open the Interface Requirements tab, click View > Interface Requirements.

Current System table - Displays all the exported interfaces in your current Platform Designer system. Add or remove the interfaces in the Current System table by adding or removing instances to the system in the System Contents tab.

Interface Requirements table - Displays all the interface requirements set for the current Platform Designer system.

>> button - Copies the selected signal or interface from the Current System table to the Interface Requirements table.

Parameter Differences table - Lists the Parameter Name, Current System Value and Interface Requirement Value for the selected mismatched signal or interface.

Import Interface Requirements button - Allows you to populate the Interface Requirements table from an IP-XACT file representing a generic component or an entire Platform Designer system.

Parameters table - Lists the signal and interface parameters for the selected signal or interface.

Note: For more information, refer to Matching the Exported Interface with Interface Requirements in .