System View Tool (Platform Designer)

You open this tab in Platform Designer by clicking View > System View. The System View tool appears by default when you open a new system in Platform Designer.

Allows you explore and edit the connections in the system. When you create or remove a connection in the System View tool, Platform Designer automatically exports or removes the interfaces that the system hierarchy requires, so the connection exists in a common parent system.

The selection in the Filter tool determines what appears in the System View tool.

Navigate Buttons

Allow you navigate the design hierarchy.

Symbol Description
Move up one level
Move to the top-level

Show Exported Connections

Displays the elements connected to a module's export.

Show Submodule Connections

Displays the modules that are connected to elements inside a subsystem.

Show Connected Modules

Displays the modules that are connected the currently selected modules.

Remove Dangling Exports

Removes subsystem exports that are unconnected.