Arithmetic Intel® FPGA IP

Arithmetic components include accumulators, adders, multipliers, and LPM arithmetic functions.

IP Catalog Intel® FPGA IP(s) Comments
ALTACCUMULATE altaccumulate Parameterized accumulator Intel® FPGA IP.
ALTECC altecc_decoder Error correction code (ECC) Intel® FPGA IP.
altecc_encoder Error correction code (ECC) Intel® FPGA IP.
ALTMEMMULT altmemmult Parameterized memory multiplier Intel® FPGA IP.
ALTMULT_COMPLEX altmult_complex Parameterized complex multiplier Intel® FPGA IP.
ALTSQRT altsqrt Parameterized integer square root Intel® FPGA IP.
LPM_ABS lpm_abs Parameterized absolute value Intel® FPGA IP.
LPM_ADD_SUB lpm_add_sub Parameterized adder/subtractor Intel® FPGA IP.
LPM_COMPARE lpm_compare Parameterized comparator Intel® FPGA IP.
LPM_COUNTER lpm_counter Parameterized counter Intel® FPGA IP. Supported only in Intel® Arria® 10 and older devices.
LPM_DIVIDE lpm_divide Parameterized divider Intel® FPGA IP.
divide* Parameterized divider Intel® FPGA IP.The divide Intel® FPGA IP is provided only for backward compatibility.
LPM_MULT lpm_mult Parameterized multiplier Intel® FPGA IP.
altsquare Parameterized squarer Intel® FPGA IP.
PARALLEL_ADD parallel_add Parallel adder Intel® FPGA IP.