Conduit Properties Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by right-clicking a conduit in a Block Design File (.bdf) Definition and clicking Properties.

Allows you to specify properties for the conduit.

General tab
  • Conduit name— Displays and allows you to edit the name of the conduit. The conduit name is an alias that acts as a reference to the signals in the collection. The conduit alias is enclosed in double angle brackets to differentiate it from a bus or node name, for example, "<<control>>".
  • Hide name in block design file— Hides any appearances of the conduit name in the Block Design File.
Signals tab
  • Signal— Allows you to type a signal name or a comma-delimited list of signal names to add to the conduit, or displays the signal selected in the Connections list.
  • Connections— Displays all the signals and their connectors from the selected conduit in the Block Design File. You can edit the signals and their connections.
    • To edit a cell in the Connections table, you can double-click either a signal or a connection name in a cell, and select a name in the list.
    • To delete a signal and its connections from the table, you can select the signal and click Delete. However, you cannot delete rows, shown with I/O pin icons in the Connections table, that represent connections to pin signals.
    • To add a signal, you can type the signal name in the Signal box, and click Add. You can also add a signal by double-clicking the <<new>> cell and selecting a name in the list.
  • Font tab
  • Format tab