Report Removal Summary Command

You generate this report by double-clicking Report Removal Summary in the Tasks pane in the Timing Analyzer.

Generates the Summary (Removal) report that details the results of hold checks for paths that contain an asynchronous clear, preset, or load signal. This report can alert you to a condition in which an asynchronous input signal goes inactive too soon after a clock edge, thus rendering the data uncertain.

The report also displays the target Definition TNS (Total Negative Slack), which is the sum of all slacks less than zero for either destination registers or ports in the clock domain (endpoint TNS). You can use TNS as an additional metric to troubleshoot a design that fails to meet timing constraints.

Note: The report is not generated unless your design contains an asynchronous clear, preset, or load signal.
Scripting Information

Keyword: create_timing_summary

Settings: -removal|-panel_name"Summary(Removal)"