Reanalyze HDL Files Command (File Menu) (Platform Designer Component Editor)

You access this command in the Platform Designer Component Editor by clicking File > Reanalyze HDL Files.

Analyzes the design files of the component by running Intel® Quartus® Prime Analysis and Elaboration. The Component Editor analyzes signals and parameters declared for all modules in the file. If any of the design files contain syntax errors, a message appears describing the problems. After successful analysis of the design files, Platform Designer updates the list of signals and parameters for the component.

Important: Important: When importing an HDL file into the Component Editor, any parameter definitions that are dependent upon other defined parameters cause an error. For example the following DEPTH parameter, though legal Verilog HDL syntax in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, causes an error when imported into the Component Editor: parameter WIDTH = 32; parameter DEPTH = ((WIDTH == 32) ? 8 : 16); To avoid this error, use localparam for the dependent parameter instead: parameter WIDTH = 32; localparam DEPTH = ((WIDTH == 32)?8:16);