Using EDA Simulation Library Compiler in the Command Line

In the command line, enter:
quartus_sh --simlib_comp 
						-family <device family> 
						-tool <EDA tools> 
						-tool_path <path to simulation tool executable> 
						-language <verilog/vhdl> 
						-directory <output directory> 
						-log <filename> 
						-cmd_file <output_cmd file> 
Table 1. Arguments for command-line EDA Simulation Library Compiler
Setting Required Values Description
-family Yes

Any device family


The syntax is the device family name in lowercase letters, with no spaces, for example: stratixiigx

All device families need to be compiled.

-tool Yes

activehdl |ModelSim® |mentor_vhdl_only |ncsim |questasim |rivierapro | vcs |vcsmx|xcelium

A supported third-party simulation tool.

Note: mentor_vhdl_only represents all mentor simulators such as ModelSim® PE, ModelSim® SE, and QuestaSim that need to be simulated in VHDL-only mode.
Note: No libraries are generated for VCS. Instead, a VCS options file,simlib_comp.vcs, is generated that specifies the library source files.
Note: Global libraries are created for Active-HDL, but not for Riviera-PRO.
-tool_path No User-specified Path to simulation tool executable.
-language Yes

verilog | vhdl

HDL language used for the simulation.
-directory No User specified | current ( ./ )

Specifies an output directory for the compiled libraries. The default is the directory where you run the quartus_sh executable.

Libraries are compiled into a single directory (<directory> /verilog_libs or <directory>/vhdl_libs) containing subdirectories for each of the compiled libraries. The subdirectory names for Verilog HDL libraries always contain the _ver suffix; whereas, the VHDL library directories have no suffix.

For example:

The Verilog HDL version of the altera_mf library is: <directory>/verilog_libs/altera_mf_ver and the VHDL version is: <directory>/vhdl_libs/altera_mf.

-log No <log file name> Specifies the file in which to store all messages issued during compilation that were not suppressed with -suppress_messages. If this setting is not specified then a log file is not created.
-cmd_file No <output_cmd file> The output file containing simulator commands used to compile the specified libraries.
-gen_only No  

Specifies that only the tool command script should be generated (i.e., the simulator should not be invoked to compile the libraries).

If this option is specified, -cmd_file should also be specified.

Note: The library setup files for vcsmx and ncsim will be created even when this option is on.

-suppress_messages No  

Specifies whether or not to suppress simulation-tool specific information and warning messages issued during compilation. This setting does not apply to tool-specific error messages. Messages that are suppressed do not appear in a log file, if one is created with the-log <filename> option.

  • For users of the VCS software: No libraries are generated for VCS. Instead, a VCS options file, simlib_comp.vcs, is generated that specifies the library source files.
  • For users of the Active-HDL software: Global libraries are created for the Active-HDL software.