IP Catalog (View Menu) (Platform Designer)

You open the IP catalog by clicking View > IP Catalog. The IP Catalog appears by default when you open a new system in Platform Designer.
Lists the available components that you can use to create a Platform Designer system or single IP Core. In the System Contents tab, you can click the icon to open the Add Instance dialog box, which is an undocked version of the IP Catalog.

The IP Catalog has two component categories: Project and Library. The Intel® Quartus® Prime software loads the components under Library during installation. Custom components appear under Project t. Clicking New component under Project opens the Platform Designer Component Editor, which you can use to create or modify customIP components. The Platform Designer Component Editor generates an _hw.tcl file for each new component. To make custom components appear in the IP Catalog under Project, you can configure the IP Search Path to include the path to the _hw.tcl file location.

You can view details for a component by right-clicking the component, and then placing your mouse over Details. The search box allows you to search for components by name or type. The New, Edit, and Add buttons allow you to create a new component, edit an existing component, or add an instance of a component to your Platform Designer system.

  • New—Opens the Platform Designer Component Editor and allows you to create a custom component.
  • Edit—Allows you to modify an existing component.
  • Add—Adds the currently selected component to your Platform Designer system and displays the component parameters on the System Contents tab.