Parameters Tab (View Menu) (Platform Designer)

You open this tab in Platform Designer by clicking View > Parameters.

The Parameters tab allows you to review and change component parameters. In the parameters view, Platform Designer displays the parameter editor for the currently selected component. When you double-click a component in the System Contents tab, Platform Designer opens a new window and displays the Parameters, Block Symbol, and Presets tabs together in a single view.

With the Parameters tab open, when you click a component in the Hierarchy tab, Platform Designer displays the parameter editor for the selected component. In the parameter editor, you can change the name as it appears on the System Contents tab for top-level instances.

Changes you make on the Parameters tab are immediately reflected on open views in your workspace.

The Parameters tab allows you to review interface timing.

The Parameter tab displays information on the current version, as well as the installed version of the selected IP component. To upgrade an outdated IP component to the installed version, click Upgrade.

When using ip-deploy or qsys-script commands, you must use the internal parameter names. To display the component's internal parameter names, right-click the banner in the Parameters tab and select Show Parameter Display Names and Internal Names. The default option is Show Parameter Display Names.

Note: For more information, refer to the Creating a System in Platform Designer chapter in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Platform Designer.