Tabular Text File (.ttf) Definition

An ASCII text file in tabular format (with the extension .ttf) containing configuration data for use outside the Intel® Quartus® Prime software. A TTF contains the decimal equivalent of a Raw Binary File (.rbf).

You can use the Programming Files page of the Device and Pin Options dialog box, which is available from the Device dialog box, to direct the Compiler to generate Tabular Text Files containing configuration data for the sequential Passive Parallel Synchronous (PPS), Passive Parallel Asynchronous (PPA), and Passive Serial (PS) configuration schemes for supported device (Stratix® III) families. The file name of the Tabular Text File the Compiler generates is the same as the name of the current Compiler settings.

You can also generate Tabular Text Files with the makeprogfile command-line utility, or from previously generated SRAM Object Files (.sof) with the Convert Programming Files command on the File menu.

When configuring a device in PS configuration scheme, send each byte of data with the LSB first.