Serial Vector Format File (.svf) Definition

An ASCII text file (with the extension .svf) that stores programming data for programming, verifying, and blank-checking one or more fixed-algorithm devices in a JTAG chain in Automated Test Equipment (ATE)-type programming environments. SVF Files contain information such as the type of operation the SVF Files perform and the JTAG TCK clock frequency of the SVF File. You can program all Intel devices that support in-system programming (ISP) with SVF Files. The JTAG chain can contain any combination of Intel and non-Intel devices that comply with the IEEE 1149.1 JTAG specification.

You can create SVF Files with the Create/Update > Create Jam, JBC, SVF, or ISC File command (File menu).

You can also create SVF Files using the Files tab of the Configuration Device Options dialog box, or using the Programming Files page of the Device and Pin Options dialog box.