Instance Manager Pane (In-System Sources and Probes Editor)

You open this pane in the In-System Sources and Probes Editor by clicking View > Instance Manager.

Displays information about the instances of altsource_probe instantiated in the design, and allows you to control the data acquired with the In-System Sources and Probes Editor.

In-System Sources and Probes Editor Status:

Displays status messages for the In-System Sources and Probes Editor (such as Acquisition in Progress).

Probe read interval:

Allows you to globally control the rate of probe reading for all instances as follows:

  • Current interval
  • Automatic— Allows you to set the probe reading interval to the maximum rate. Data acquisitions occur in succession, with no delay between acquisitions.
  • Manual— Allows you to specify probe reading intervals by numerical value and unit of measurement. The interval between acquisitions does not exceed the rate you specify.

Write source data:

Allows you to write data to the system manually or continuously.


Displays the index of each instance in the device.

Instance ID:

Displays the name that you specified for each instance.


Displays the current status of each instance.


Displays the number of source signals directed to the instance.


Displays the number of probe signals directed from the instance.


Displays the hierarchy name of the instance.