System Console

You open the System Console in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software by clicking Tools > System Console.

The System Console supports low-level hardware debugging of Platform Designer systems. You can use the System Console to debug systems that include IP cores instantiated in these systems, as well as for initial bring-up of your printed circuit board, for low-level testing, and to access the Transceiver Toolkit and External Memory Interface Toolkit. You can use the System Console in command-line mode or with the GUI.

System Console consists of five panes:

  • Toolkit Explorer—Allows you to concisely view all available toolkits and launch tools that use the System Console framework.
  • System Explorer—Allows you to view a list of interactive instances in your design, which may include connections, devices, designs, design instances, servers, and scripts. When you write scripts and specify the path where they are located in the environment settings of your operating system, you can then run the scripts from the System Explorer.
    Note: For example, to view Tcl scripts in the System Explorer, you can place the scripts in $Home directory path /system_console/scripts.
  • Welcome—Welcome screen of the System Console.
  • Tcl Console—Allows you to run commands and Tcl scripts from within the System Console.
  • Messages—Displays messages generated when running tools within the System Console.