Select Family Dialog Box

This dialog box automatically opens when you open a project that targets an illegal device family or targets a device family for which you did not install support.

Allows you to select a device family if the device family specified in the Intel Quartus Prime Settings File (.qsf) Definition is an illegal device family or is a legal device family for which you did not install support.

Important: Important: Device support for your device family is not installed. Select another device family, or install device support for the specified device family. If you are using the Intel® Quartus® Prime Web Edition Software, use a version of the software that supports your device, or use the Intel® Quartus® Prime Subscription Edition software. For more information about installing device support or using a different version of the software, visit the Download Center section of the Altera website. If device support for a family is installed, but the exact device specified in your design is not available, the Intel® Quartus® Prime software automatically chooses another appropriate device for your design.