Data Log Pane (View Menu) (Signal Tap Logic Analyzer)

You open this pane by clicking View > Data Log.

The Data Log pane displays all Signal Tap configurations and data capture results stored within a single .stp file.

  • To save the current configuration or capture in the Data Log—and .stp file, click Edit > Save to Data Log. Alternatively, click the Save to Data Log icon at the top of the Data Log pane.
  • To generate a log entry after every data capture, click Edit > Enable Data Log. Alternatively, check the box at the top of the pane.

The Data Log displays its contents in a tree hierarchy. The active items display a different icon.

Table 1. Data Log Items
Item Icon Contains one or more Comments
Unselected Selected
Instance Signal Set  
Signal Set Trigger The Signal Set changes whenever you add a new signal to Signal Tap. After a change in the Signal Set, you need to recompile.
Trigger Capture Log A trigger changes when you change any trigger condition. These changes do not require recompilation.
Capture Log    

The name on each entry displays the wall-clock time when Signal Tap Logic Analyzer triggered, and the time elapsed from start acquisition to trigger activation. You can rename entries so they make sense to you.

To toggle between configurations, double-click an entry in the Data Log. As a result, the Setup tab updates to display the active signal list and trigger conditions.