Highlight Selection/Highlight Routing/Clear Unselected Highlights Commands (View Menu)

You access these commands by clicking Highlight Selection, Highlight Routing, or Clear Unselected Highlights on the View menu.
  • Highlight Selection— Highlights selected resources in a contrasting color.
  • Highlight Routing— Highlights the routing elements associated with one or more selected connections or paths in a contrasting color.
  • Clear Unselected Highlights— Removes any highlighting applied by the Highlight Selection or Highlight Routing commands from specified resources.
  • The effects of these commands are only visual; the resources are only highlighted, not modified.
  • The Chip Planner provides modifier keys that you can use in conjunction with these commands to control which resources are selected. The modifier keys do not change the basic function of the command, they determine only what is selected as a result of the command.