Bundle Display

The controls on this tab allow you to configure how the Design Partition Planner displays connection bundles.

  • Display bundles with failing connections in red—Displays in red, any bundle containing one or more connections with negative slack values.
  • Display bundle width proportional to the number of connections—Uses line weight as a visual indicator of bundle size, with larger bundles drawn as a thick line and smaller bundles drawn as a thin line.
  • Display connections to I/O banks—Specifies whether to display connection bundles to I/O banks. If this option is turned off, both the I/O banks and their connections are removed from the display.
  • Display bundles for connection counts greater than—Sets a connection-count threshold from which to begin displaying connection bundles. For example, if this value is set to 10, bundles are displayed for connections counts of 11 and greater; bundles representing 1-10 connections are not displayed.