lpm_rom Intel® FPGA IP

Parameterized ROM Intel® FPGA IP.

Important: When possible, Intel use the altsyncram Intel® FPGA IP instead of the lpm_rom Intel® FPGA IP. This Intel® FPGA IP is provided only for backward compatibility. This option is available for all Intel devices except MAX3000 and MAX7000 devices.
You can use the lpm_rom Intel® FPGA IP to read data from and write data to in-system memory in devices with the In-System Memory Content Editor in two ways:
  • In the Parameter Editor, turn on Allow In-System Memory Content Editor to capture and update content independently of the system clock.
  • In the HDL file, when instantiating the IP core, enable the ENABLE_RUNTIME_MOD and INSTANCE_NAME options

You can use the Assignment Editor to add, change, or delete assignments and assignment values for Intel® FPGA IP.

When you create the Intel® FPGA IP, you can use the IP Catalog to generate a netlist for third-party synthesis tools.

Find more information about the the lpm_rom Intel® FPGA IP in the Altera website.