You open the Customize dialog box by clicking Tools > Customize.

Customizes the contents of toolbars in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.

  • Toolbars—Lists the default and custom toolbars available and allows you to turn them on or off. You can modify toolbars in a tool or editor from this dialog box by attaching the window in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software. Default toolbars for the Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI include:
    • Feedback
    • File
    • Standard
    • Utility Windows
    • Applications
    • Processing
  • New—Click New to open the New Toolbar dialog box and name a new, custom toolbar.
  • Rename—Click Rename to open the Rename Toolbar dialog box and rename a custom toolbar.
  • Delete—Click Delete to remove a custom toolbar.
  • Customize—Click Customize to open the Customize Toolbar dialog box. You can customize the default toolbars, as well as new or custom toolbars.