Example of Creating a Black Box for a Verilog HDL Custom Variation of a Intel® FPGA IP

Refer to the following code sample from the top-level design file to specify that the Synopsys® Synplify software should treat the my_pll.v file that you created as a black box. In this example, the top-level design file is pllsource.v. To modify the source code for the pllsource.v file to define the module name and port type and to specify that the module is a black box, you can use the my_pll_bb.v empty module declaration and add it to the pll_source.v top-level design file as shown in the following code sample:

module my_pll (
        clock1 /*synthesis syn_black_box*/ ); 
        input     inclock;
        input     inclocken;
        output    locked;
        output    clock0;
        output    clock1;
module pllsource (inclock, inclocken, data_in1, clock0, r_out, locked, div2);
        input inclock, inclocken;
        input [7:0] data_in1;
        output clock0, locked;
        output div2;
        output [7:0] r_out;
wire clock1_sig;
reg div2;
reg [7:0] r_out, r_int;
my_pll PLL_1
        ( .inclock(inclock), .inclocken(inclocken), .clock0(clock0),
          .clock1(clock1_sig), .locked(locked));
always @(posedge clock1_sig)
        r_int <= data_in1;
        r_out <= r_int;