Interface Planner Assignments Tab

The Interface Planner Assignments tab contains the following controls for resolving any potential conflicts with imported project assignments. Enable or disable specific or classes of assignments until you resolve all potential conflicts. After you are satisfied with the status of all project assignments, click Update Plan to update your interface plan with the enabled project assignments. Interface Planner reports an error for any remaining assignment conflicts. Interface Planner is only available in Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software.

Table 1. Interface Planner Assignments Tab Controls
Command Description
Filter Supports creation of wildcard expressions for assignment targets.
Enabled/Disabled Filters the list to show only enabled or disabled assignments in the Interface Planner plan.
Enable All Project Assignments Enables all imported project assignments for application to your Interface Planner plan.
Disbale All Project Assignments Disables all imported project assignments in the plan.
Clear Clears any filter from the Assignments list.
Copy Current View Copies the current Interface Planner floorplan view to the clipboard.