I/O cell Definition

A single register that exists on the periphery of supported device (Arria® series, Cyclone® series, and Stratix® series) families or a bidirectional buffer on the periphery of MAX® II and MAX® V devices. I/O cells can help maximize timing performance, for example, by permitting fast setup times. I/O cells are also known as I/O elements.

The I/O cells in different devices support different I/O standards.

You can assign a logic function to a specific I/O cell.

I/O cells have "numbers" of the following format for the following devices:

Device Family

Format for I/O Cell "Numbers"

Variable and Number Descriptions

Arria® series, Cyclone® series,

MAX® II , MAX® V, Stratix® series

IOC_X <number> _Y <number> _N <number>

X <number>

The column number that contains the I/O cell.

Y <number>

The row number that contains the I/O cell.

N <number>

The I/O cell number.