dual-range group or bus name Definition

The name of a group (or bus), consisting of an identifier with up to 32 name characters, followed by two ranges of numbers or arithmetic expressions in brackets. The start and end of the ranges are separated by two periods. Each set of numbers in the two ranges represents an individual node (or "bus bit"). The identifier cannot end with a digit.

Example: group a[2..1][5..3] consists of the nodes a2_5, a2_4, a2_3, a1_5, a1_4, and a1_3.

In Block Editor files, a sequential bus name can also include one or more single- or dual-range bus names in a series. The first node of the series or the first node in the first range is the most significant bit of the bus; the last node of the series or the last node in the last range is the least significant bit.

Example: a[8..0][2..0], b1, dout[6..4]