JTAG Chain Integrity tab

Allows you to check the JTAG chain for potential failure, which can be caused by either a short circuit or an open JTAG circuit. Controls for testing chain integrity include the following:

  • Test JTAG Chain— Allows you to run the Programmer Auto Detect feature, which detects devices in a chain and automatically adds Intel-supported devices to the Device list in the Programmer. The devices are added in the order in which they exist in the device chain. If the Auto Detect feature fails to detect the JTAG chain, you can run a JTAG chain integrity test to analyze the failure.
  • IDCODE iteration test— Allows you to test for chain integrity and intermittent JTAG chain communication failure. This feature is turned off by default.
    • Run for<number>iterations— Allows you to specify the number of tests that you want to repeat. You must first start the IDCODE iteration test.
    • Run until stopped— Allows the test to cycle repeatedly until you click Stop.
Note: TheIDCODE iteration test cycles throughResetandShift DRstates to read IDCODEs from the device chain, and reports:
  • When the IDCODEs read in each cycle of the test are the same, the result indicates that there are no inconsistencies or failures in the device chain.
  • When the IDCODEs read in each cycle are not consistent, an error message is reported and the test terminates.

Results from the IDCODE iteration test appear in text format in the Session log pane and in graphic format in the Device chain pane.