Reserve Pin logic option

A logic option that reserves the pin in one of the following seven states:

  • as an input that is tri-stated
  • as an output that drives ground
  • as an output that drives VCC
  • as an output that drives an unspecified signal
  • as a Signal Probe output
  • as a voltage reference (VREF)
  • as a bidirectional pin

This option is available for all Intel devices.


The "as VREF" setting is not appropriate for all device families. Refer to the device family data sheet for information on VREF support.

Scripting Information

Keyword:: reserve_pin

Settings: "as input tri-stated" | "as output driving ground" |

"as output driving vcc" | "as output driving an unspecified signal" |

"as VREF" | "as signalprobe output" |

"as bidirectional" | "none"*