Disable Register Merging logic option

A logic option that prevents the specified register from merging with other registers, and prevents other registers from merging with the specified register. When dont_merge_register is applied to a design entity it applies to all registers in the entity.

You can use this option to instruct the Compiler to use the user-specified timing constraints on the register during synthesis. For example, if the register has a multicycle constraint, this option prevents the Compiler from merging other registers into the specified register, avoiding unintended timing and functional effects.

This option is different from Preserve Registers logic option because it does not prevent a register with constant drivers or a redundant register from being removed. In addition, this option prevents other registers from merging with the specified register.

This option is ignored if the register does not drive anything or if it has constant drivers, in which case the register is removed during synthesis.

This option is ignored if it is applied to anything other than a register or a design entity containing registers.

This option is available for all Intel devices.

Scripting Information

Keyword:: dont_merge_register

Settings:on | off