Address Map Tab (View Menu) (Platform Designer)

You open this tab in Platform Designer by clicking View > Address Map.

The Address Map tab provides a table that includes all the memory-mapped slaves in your design and the address range that each connected memory-mapped master uses to address that slave. The table shows the slaves on the left and masters along the top, with the address span of the connection shown in each cell. Addresses are only shown for slaves that are connected to each master. The table cell for a slave that is not connected to a master is left blank.

To change the address where a slave is seen by a master, follow these steps:

  1. In Platform Designer, click the Address Map tab.
  2. Locate the table cell that represents the connection between the Avalon® -MM master and slave component pair.
  3. Either type in a base address or update the current base address in the cell.
    Note: Making an empty cell disconnects a slave from the master. Adding an address to an empty cell connects the slave to the master.