MLAB Definition

A synchronous, dual-port memory available in supported device (Stratix® IV) families. The memory logic array block (MLAB) can also function as a single port SRAM by connecting the address lines to both the read address and write address ports.

The MLAB is a general-purpose dual-port memory SRAM array. You can configure the MLAB as dual-port and single-port RAM and ROM; however, the MLAB natively supports only dual-port mode. You must emulate single-port RAM and ROM modes.

The following table lists the configurable sizes for the MLAB memory block:

Operation Mode



32 x 20 or 64 x 10

Additionally, other configurations may be supported by the Intel® Quartus® Prime software by instantiating multiple MLABs together as necessary.

Note: The MLAB size in single port and ROM modes is similar to the MLAB size in dual-port mode.