JTAG Chain Debugging tab

Allows you to debug your JTAG chain by running commands to step through the state of the JTAG TAP controller, or repeat the commands from a previous session of the tool.

To playback the debugging sequences from a previously saved session, use the following commands:

  • Open JTAG Chain Log— Allows you to browse to, open, and run a saved JTAG Chain Debugger session log.
  • Stop— Allows you to stop the running of the commands from the saved session log.

To manually shift in the JTAG sequences, use the following commands:

  • Command— Allows you to run one of the following commands for debugging the JTAG chain:
    • Run test— Allows you to place the TAP controller in the specified state for a specified number of clocks.
    • Shift IR— Allows you to specify a scan pattern that you can apply to the target instruction registers.
    • Shift DR— Allows you to specify a scan pattern that you can apply to the target data registers.
    • Goto State— Allows you to move the TAP controller from one stable state to another for further testing.
  • TAP state— Allows you to set the target state for the commands. The selected target state will be reflected.
  • Clocks— Allows you specify the number of clocks to use when running a command.
  • TDI— Allows you read the results of a scan in the TDI field.
  • Run— Allows you to apply the selected Command and Option setting to the JTAG chain.