Performing a Timing Simulation with the VCS MX (VHDL) Software

To perform a timing simulation of a Intel® Quartus® Prime generated VHDL Output File (.vho) Definition and the corresponding Standard Delay Format Output File (.sdo) Definition with the Synopsys® VCS MX software:

  1. Add the following lines to your .synopsys_vss.setup file to include the mapping information for the work library, and to direct the VCS MX software to use thetiming simulation libraries during simulation:
    WORK > <work library>
    lpm > <work library>  
    altera_mf > <work library>    
    <device family>  > 
    <work library> <work library> >: <physical path to work library> 
  2. Create a work library in the project directory by typing the following command at a command prompt:mkdir<work library>
    mkdir <work library>
Note: Intel recommends using the Synopsys® VCS MX default library names when you create a library. You should name the VCS MX software libraries as follows:
  • When you run the VCS MX software independently from the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, you should name your library work.
  • When you run the VCS MX software automatically from the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, your library is automatically named scsim_work under the current project directory, and the work alias is mapped to the scsim_work directory.
Note: For more information about using EDA simulators, refer to Synopsys® VCS and VCS MX Support in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Handbook.