About the Project Navigator

The Project Navigator provides direct visual access to key project information, such as project hierarchy, design files, design units, and IP components. Use the Project Navigator to locate to these project resources or apply other actions to project elements. To access the tabs of the Project Navigator click the toggle control at the top of the Project Navigator window.

Table 1. Project Navigator Tabs
Project Navigator Tab Description
Files Lists all design files in the current project. Right-click on design files in this tab to run these commands:
  • Open the file
  • Remove the file from project
  • View file Properties
Hierarchy Provides a visual representation of the project hierarchy, specific resource usage information, and device and device family information. Right-click on items in the hierarchy to Locate, Set as Top-Level Entity, or define LogicLock® Plus regions or design partitions.
Design Units Displays the design units in the project. Right-click a design unit to Locate in Design File.
IP Components Displays the design files that make up the IP instantiated in the project, including Intel FPGA IP cores, Qsys Pro components, and third-party IPs. Click Launch IP Upgrade Tool from this tab to upgrade outdated IP components. Right-click any IP component to Edit in Parameter Editor.
Revisions Displays the current project revisions.