Setting Up the Tau Working Environment

To use the Quartus® Prime software with the Mentor Graphics® Tau software, you must install the Quartus® Prime software and establish an environment that facilitates processing designs. The Quartus® Prime/ Mentor Graphics® Tau interface is installed automatically when you install the Quartus® Prime software.

Note: The Quartus® Prime Software Release Notes are available on the Altera website and provide up-to-date information on which versions of Mentor Graphics® software applications the current version of the Quartus® Prime software supports. The Quartus® Primereadme.txt file provides information on installation and operating requirements. You should read the Release Notes and readme.txt before installing the Quartus® Prime software. After installation, you can open the Release Notes and readme.txt file from the Quartus® Prime Help menu.

To set up your working environment for the Quartus® Prime/Tau software interface, add the following environment variables to your .cshrc file:

setenv QUADHOME <Tau system directory>/<Tau software version number>
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE<Tau license file path>:$LM_LICENSE_FILE
set path=($TAUHOME/bin $path)
Note: The information presented here assumes that you are using the C shell and that your Quartus® Prime system directory is /usr/quartus on a Linux workstation. If not, you must use the appropriate syntax and procedures to set environment variables for your shell.

To source your .cshrc file, at the command prompt on a Linux workstation, type:source .cshrc.