Show System With Qsys Pro Interconnect Command (System Menu) (Qsys Pro)

You access this command in Qsys Pro by clicking System > Show System With Qsys Pro Interconnect.

Opens the System with Qsys Pro Interconnect window where you can see the contents of the memory-mapped interconnect before you generate your system. Qsys Pro converts connections between interfaces to interconnect logic during system generation. You can use this command to visualize your system before you generate. The following is a brief list of possible interconnect logic that Qsys Pro inserts into your system:

  • Swapping Nios II processors
  • Swapping tri-state conduits
  • Adding the interconnect
  • Adding pipeline stages to the interconnect
  • Inserting reset synchronizers

In the System with Qsys Pro Interconnect window, the System Contents tab shows the original instances from your system, as well as the inserted interconnect instances. Connections between interfaces are replaced by connections to interconnect where applicable.

The System Inspector tab displays a full system hierarchical navigator, which expands the system contents to show modules, interfaces, signals, contents of subsystems, and connections.

The Memory-Mapped Interconnect tab allows you to select a memory-mapped interconnect module and view its internal command and response networks. In this tab, you can also manually insert pipeline stages to achieve timing closure.

Note: For details on how to manually insert pipeline stages, refer to the following Qsys Pro chapters.