Instrumentation Tab (View Menu) (Qsys Pro)

You open this tab in Qsys Pro by clicking View > Instrumentation.

You use the Qsys Pro Instrumentation tab in to set up real-time performance monitoring using throughput metrics such as read and write transfers. The Add debug instrumentation to the Qsys Pro Interconnect option allows you to interact with the Bus Analyzer Toolkit, which you can access on the Tools menu in the Quartus® Prime software.

Qsys Pro supports performance monitoring for only Avalon-MM interfaces. In your Qsys Pro system, you can monitor the performance of no less than three, and no greater than 15 components at one time. The performance monitoring feature works with Quartus® Prime software devices 13.1 and newer.

Note: For more information about the Bus Analyzer Toolkit and the Qsys Pro Instrumentation tab, refer to the Bus Analyzer Toolkit page.